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Our Story

Forni Farm and Nursery began in 2018, building on a multi-generation family of farmers in the Napa Valley. My dad, Peter Forni, started Forni Brown Welsh Gardens with his business partners in the mid-1980s shortly after I was born, and I grew up in the garden, putting my hands in the earth and eating fresh-picked vegetables and salad year-round. As a young adult I worked alongside my dad, learning the subtle arts of gardening and fostering a desire to spend my life in the outdoors. 

As a vegetable farm and plant nursery owner I am proud to provide high quality vegetable starts and produce to communities in Napa and Sonoma Counties. A healthy garden begins with healthy starts -- all of ours are seeded and grown at the Nursery in North Santa Rosa. We remain family focused and customer service oriented, and love connecting with people and sharing in their enthusiasm for gardening.

There was a time that my excitement for education led me in the direction of a teaching career but ultimately my love for the soil and plants brought me back to farming.  As my business grows, I am excited to provide educational opportunities for kids, including offering Summer camp programs.  Our land has become a welcoming haven  where kids learn about gardening and spend time outdoors, including my own two daughters.

I look forward to continuing to build Forni Farm and Nursery as a place where our communities can consistently get great plants and produce directly from the source.

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